Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging tech unveiled: 50W and 15W chargers, power bank, and more launched

  • Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging eco-system has been unveiled.
  • The Realme MagDart wireless charging will be offered with 50W and 15W output speeds.
  • Realme has also unveiled the Realme MagDart power bank, wallet, and MagDart case for Realme GT.

Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging tech has been unveiled today, as promised by the company. It is similar to Apple’s MagSafe charging but this is the first time an Android smartphone manufacturer has implemented such technology. The company is offering two variations of the MagDart wireless charging solution, one that has a boxy design, another that is circular in shape similar to Apple’s MagSafe. Both attach to the back of the phone magnetically. The former wireless charging offers 50W power output, thanks to the MagDart charger. It is claimed to be the fastest magnetic wireless charging solution in the world currently. The former has a 15W charging speed. The company has also unveiled the Realme Flash concept phone, which according to the company is specifically designed for the MagDart charging technology and has a 4,500mAh dual-cell battery.

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Realme MagDart wireless charging tech

The Realme MagDart wireless charging tech, as said, supports 50W charging speeds and it uses Boron and Cobalt magnets. They’re said to have 0.01 percentage magnetism decay in two years, the magnets themselves are 0.3mm super thin and the magnetic force of the MagDart is just 5 newtons, which will enable it to hold objects up to 0.5kgs. the Realme MagDart adopts an extra-large low-impedance copper coil, which should result in less heat during wireless charging.

Realme 50W MagDart

The 50W MagDart charger features an active cooling system that is said to keep the coil and board temperatures at a reasonable level. There’s a compact fan that quickly removes the heat by drawing a large airflow so the higher-charging speed can be maintained for longer times. Realme says the 50W MagDart charger takes 5 minutes to charge a 4,500mAh battery up to 20 percent, similar to Realme’s 50W SuperDart wired charging. It can charge from 0 to 100 percent in just 54 minutes. However, it is required to be paired with the Realme 65W adapter.

The 15W MagDart charger is just 3.9mm in thickness and is claimed to be the thinnest wireless charger in the world. It is said to charge a 4,500mAh battery fully in around 90 minutes. It uses a coil and separated board design, which keeps the two sources of heat separated thus allowing higher levels of charging speeds for a longer time.

Realme 15W MagDart

Magnetic Wireless charging vs Wireless charging

Wireless charging technology is not new. The tech has existed for quite some time now and we’re seeing insane charging speeds from various Android OEMs lately. The wireless charging tech is simple, one has to place the supported phone (one that has a wireless charging coil on the back) on the wireless charging pad/stand and leave it idle while it charges. The limitation with this technology is that one can’t use the phone while it wirelessly charges considering the magnetic coil must align properly on the charging pad for the electricity to pass through to your phone. Any slight moment and the charging gets interrupted.

The magnetic wireless charging, on the other hand, as the name suggests uses magnets to clip onto the phone’s rear panel and wirelessly charges it. This means you can use your phone while charging in any position you desire. The tech is convenient compared to standard wireless charging.

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Realme MagDart Accessories

Realme MagDart Power Bank

The Realme MagDart Power Bank is like Apple’s MagSafe Battery pack. It latches to the back of the phone and automatically starts charging the phone. It uses an aluminium alloy frame, MagDart charging frame, and has a leather finish. The company has also introduced the MagDart base that attaches to the MagDart Power Bank to become a vertical charging station.

Realme MagDart Pro Light

Realme also showcased the MagDart Beauty Light that attaches to the back of the phone and will help improve camera photography. It will draw power through reverse wireless charging, says the company. It has circular magnets, a reverse wireless charging coil, 60 mini LEDs and a control button.

Realme MagDart Wallet

As exclusively revealed by 91mobiles, Realme has also introduced the Realme MagDart Wallet that attaches to the phone and allows users to place up to three credit/debit cards. It has an aluminium stand, leather finish and a three-card pocket.

Realme MagDart case

Lastly, Realme has also introduced the Realme MagDart case for the Realme GT flagship. The case connects through the Type-C port and allows your phone to be charged wirelessly. It supports similar charging speeds as the Realme GT phone. The MagDart case is made of carbon fibre material.