Reliance Jio to launch ‘cloud laptop’ in India soon, could be priced around Rs 15,000: report

  • Reliance Jio is working on a cloud laptop.
  • This laptop will function everything on the cloud including the processing and storage.
  • It will be a low-cost laptop that is slated to launch in the coming months.

Reliance Jio is planning to launch an affordable “cloud laptop” soon, as per a new report. The company is reportedly working with laptop manufacturers including HP, Acer, and Lenovo for the upcoming device.

The Jio laptop will most likely be similar to a Chromebook, which runs on ChromeOS with cloud storage, and doesn’t require a fast chipset or large storage space, but different in the sense that everything would be stored on a cloud. Jio plans on launching the device in the market in the coming months.

Jio cloud laptop

So how exactly would this cloud laptop work? It would essentially be a “dumb terminal” with most of the work done on the Jio Cloud, according to a report by The Economic Times. This would mean the processing and storage functions of the laptop that would all work on the cloud. Doing so brings the price down of the laptop with less expense on hardware.

The report, citing a Jio official, talks about Jio’s idea behind this cloud laptop is to offer a low-cost option to customers. The official highlighted the costs behind all the hardware parts such as “memory, processing power, chipset,” and how it would reducing the cost by not opting for all this. In terms of pricing, the Jio cloud laptop is said to cost around Rs 15,000.

That’s a lot of cloud storage we’re talking about and high-speed internet connectivity as well. Jio does plan to offer a monthly cloud subscription but its price hasn’t been revealed yet. It even plans on giving access to other users to the cloud storage without having to buy the Jio laptop.

Its launch is also said to take place in the coming months but there’s no confirmed timeline as yet. For now, Jio is running trials on an HP Chromebook for its cloud laptop.

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