Tech accessories travellers definitely need to check out on Croma

When it comes to travelling, having the right tech accessories can greatly enhance your experience and make your journey more convenient and enjoyable. From portable chargers to travel adapters or organisers, there are a plethora of tech accessories available that cater specifically to the needs of travellers. Whether you’re embarking on a long-haul flight, exploring a new city, or working remotely on the go, these essential gadgets and accessories available on Croma are worth checking out to ensure you stay connected, entertained, and organized during your travels.

Things to consider when buying tech accessories for travel

Portability and Size: One of the key factors to consider when buying tech accessories for travel is their portability and size. Travel-friendly accessories should be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in your backpack or luggage.

Compatibility: Ensure that the tech accessories you choose are compatible with the devices you’ll be using during your travels. Whether it’s charging cables, adapters, or Bluetooth devices, check that they are compatible with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other gadgets. It’s a good idea to opt for accessories that offer universal compatibility to avoid any compatibility issues when using them with different devices or in various countries with different power outlets.

Power and Charging Capabilities: Traveling often involves being away from easily accessible power sources for extended periods. Therefore, it’s important to consider the power and charging capabilities of your tech accessories. Look for power banks with high capacity to keep your devices charged throughout the day, and consider fast-charging options to minimize downtime. Additionally, if you’re travelling internationally, ensure that your charging adapters are compatible with the electrical outlets of the countries you’ll be visiting.

Durability and Protection: Traveling can expose your tech accessories to various hazards such as bumps, drops, and rough handling. Opt for accessories that are built with durability in mind, such as rugged phone cases, shockproof storage cases for cables and small gadgets, and sturdy laptop backpacks with padding to protect your devices. Investing in durable accessories will help safeguard your tech gear from potential damage and ensure they last throughout your travels.

Tech accessories travellers definitely need to check out on Croma

Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter

The Croma CREP0144 Universal 2 USB Adaptor is a versatile and compact wall charging adapter that ensures you stay prepared and connected wherever you go. With its dual USB ports, you can conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s designed to be portable and can easily fit in your pocket or backpack, making it ideal for travel. The adaptor also features a safety shutter and offers a 2.1 Amps current for efficient charging.

Mi Hypersonic 20000 mAh 50W Fast Charging Power Bank

The Xiaomi Hypersonic 20000mAh 3-Port Power Bank comes with 16-layer chip protection. This ensures that your devices are safeguarded against overheating, short circuits, and excess current. The 20000mAh lithium polymer battery provides long-lasting power and should charge your devices multiple times over. Meanwhile, the lightweight design ensures easy portability. Its 45W two-way charging capacity ensures fast charging speeds while the two Type A and one Type C output ports let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. The power bank also supports Power Delivery 3.0 and comes with a Type C to Type C cable.

Croma Type A & Type C 4-Port Charger

Value for Money

Stay prepared and connected during your travels with the Croma Universal USB and Type C Adapter. This compact and lightweight adapter is designed to accommodate different plug shapes, allowing you to use your dual-voltage appliances or converters in various countries around the world. With three USB ports and one Type-C port, you can easily charge your cameras, phones, laptops, and other devices on the go.

Croma Melange PVC Organiser

Value for Money
Croma Melange PVC Organiser
₹ 244
₹ 1000 (76% off)
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The Croma Melange PVC Organizer is a minimal and elegant organizer designed to hold your power bank, mobile charger, cables, earphones, and keys, making it the perfect companion for your travel needs. With 12 compartments and 4 pockets, you can easily store and access all your loose accessories. The zip enclosure ensures secure closure, while the hanging loop makes it convenient to carry. Made with durable and water-resistant materials, this organizer protects your belongings while adding a touch of sophistication to your travel.

Croma 30W Type C Fast Charger

Value for Money

Experience fast and reliable charging with the Croma 30 Watts Type-C Fast Charger. This adapter is designed to provide speedy performance with its fast charging capability. It features over-voltage protection, PPS charging technology, and safety circuit protection to ensure the safety of your devices. With extensive compatibility, it supports pretty much all mobile phones and devices. The compact design and multiple protection features make it a reliable choice for your charging needs.

Croma Sunburn Edition 10000mAh 3-Port Power Bank

Value for Money

Stay powered up and on the go with the Croma Sunburn Edition 10000mAh 3-Port Power Bank. This features a 10000mAh battery that provides long-lasting power for your mobile phones, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. With three charging ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The power bank has charging inputs for USB Type-C and micro USB, offering convenient compatibility.

Croma 18 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter

Feature Rich

If you are travelling by car, then the Croma 18 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter is a must. This car charger is ideal for mobiles and tablets, offering two USB charging outputs for simultaneous charging. With its 18 Watts output power, it provides quick and reliable charging performance. The adapter comes with over-heating protection to safeguard against electrical transients, ensuring the safety of your devices. It also features an intuitive blue light indicator to display the charging status.

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