WhatsApp now lets you send video messages, here’s how

  • WhatsApp now supports video messages on the app.
  • Like voice messages, you will able to record and quickly send video messages on WhatsApp.
  • This new WhatsApp feature has just started rolling out to all users.

Video messages are now coming to WhatsApp. Just like voice messages, you will soon be able to send video messages on WhatsApp. As the name suggests, you will be able to record video messages on WhatsApp and send it quickly. This feature has started rolling out, and it will be available to all users in the coming weeks, WhatsApp announced. 

Video messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp already has an in-app camera so you can still record videos and send them within the app. But the idea behind video messages is to send “instant video messages” on WhatsApp. You will be able to record and send 60-second videos on WhatsApp, and it will be as easy as sending voice messages.

How to send video messages on WhatsApp

  • If you want to send a video message, you will just have to tap on the microphone button to switch to the video button.
  • You can then press and hold to record a video message.

  • You can also swipe up to lock the screen and record the video hands-free.
  • Whenever you receive a video message, it will play on mute but you can tap on it for the audio.

WhatsApp says that video messages like any other content on the app are end-to-end encrypted. You will also be able to react to the video messages with different emoji, and reply to them individually. Mark Zuckerberg announced the new feature yesterday on the Meta Channel on Instagram. Since the feature has just started rolling out, it will take a few weeks to reach all users on both Android and iOS. 

WhatsApp has been rolling out several updates recently. Earlier this week it added chat transfer without iCloud backup to iPhone, landscape mode for video calls, and a redesigned sticker tray on iOS. WhatsApp also finally launched a dedicated Wear OS app.

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