WK Life debuts in India with a range of smart speakers, prices start at Rs 1500

“The speakers are equipped with multiple functionalities that enable them to be used in different perspectives also.”

WK life has marked its entry in India with a new range of smart lifestyle products, including four speakers that are equipped with multiple functions, which enable them to be used in different perspectives as well.

Speaking about the new speakers, the Chinese manufacturer has introduced a WK-Bluetooth speaker (SP390) that could be used as a night lamp also. The speaker is available in four colour options and equipped with a 2,000mAh battery. The range of the frequency for the speaker is 150Hz-20 KHz.

Next one in the lot is WK-Bluetooth speaker (SP330), which is available in three different colour options. The frequency range is 100Hz-20KHz and it is equipped with a 400mAh battery.

WK-Bluetooth speaker (RM-M26), the third in the line-up, equips a watch along with the alarm facility. It also supports TF card, AUX cable, USB play, FM radio. The speaker has an impressive battery capacity of 4,400mAh that can give 6-12 hours of life on a single charge.

The final product of the lot is the WK-Microphone and Speaker (WT-K10), which is a Bluetooth speaker and microphone. The speaker comes with the AUX cable facility and is compatible with both Android as well as IOS. It is available in three different colour options and could be used as a power bank too. The prices of the products start from Rs 1,500.

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