Woman buried alive by husband uses Apple Watch to call for help, gets saved

  • A woman in the United States was stabbed and buried alive by her husband
  • The 42-year-old woman called emergency services for help using her Apple Watch
  • After escaping the grave, the victim knocked on a stranger’s door for help

A woman in United States’ Washington was buried alive by her husband but miraculously saved herself by calling 911 from her Apple Watch. The 42-year-old woman named Young Sook An was stabbed and buried alive by her husband and escaped after several hours in the grave.

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According to a report in The Daily Beast, An miraculously fled the grave in a forested area, and knocked at a stranger’s door for help. The report, citing an affidavit, said that a 911 operator told the police that a woman called the emergency number but sounded “gagged” and “could not talk.” The operator also “reportedly heard banging and struggling in the background but after sometime it got totally quiet.”

The police located the cell phone tower and visited her house, but did not find her. They did find “signs of disturbance,” the report cited the affidavit as saying. The report said that Ms An showed up at a stranger’s house on October 17th and asked for help. When the cops arrived, she sprinted towards them and asked for help saying, “My husband wants to kill me.”

Ms Young’s husband, Chae Kyong An, had bound her hands and legs with duct tape and then stabbed her in the chest and buried her alive. The couple is reportedly going through a divorce battle and the husband wanted to keep his pension money out of her hands, the report said.


The victim told the police that the couple was discussing the divorce and money, and Chae got angry after she told him to leave. As Young went into the bedroom to change, Chae attacked her, punched her in the head several times, and threw her on the ground. He then duct-taped her and then briefly left. 

When Chae returned, he dragged her out of the bedroom. Knowing she has an Apple Watch on, he hit the watch with a hammer and then struck her wrist, the affidavit cited in The Daily Beast report said. He then forced her into a van and drove to a nearby forest area where she was stabber and buried alive.

Chae was arrested on October 17th itself and the police also found the grave where he tried to bury his wife. They also found her hair strands, pieces of duct tape, and the broken frame of her Apple Watch.