Soon, edit images and videos on Instagram, Facebook using text prompts as Meta adds AI tools

  • The AI editing tools are built on Emu, Meta’s first foundational model for image generation.
  • You’ll be able to edit images and videos using text prompts.
  • These are complex editing that can be easily done with simply text instructions.

Facebook and Instagram want to make it easier to edit images and videos with the help of AI. Soon, the two social media platforms will enable users to edit their media with just text prompts that they type out. So if you want some changes then you can simply type it out and AI will do the rest. The AI editing tools will be available for both Facebook and Instagram users, Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post

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Facebook AI editing tools 

These editing tools are based on Emu, Meta’s first foundational model for image generation. The first is Emu Video that lets you basically create a new video altogether. Emu Video is capable of generating video from text prompts, reference images, and it can even combine both at the same time. So you can give text prompts, and it will pull up and image and generate a video on it. 

The second editing tool is Emu Edit, one that will edit images based on text inputs. So you can ask the AI to make changes, add other elements, and just about anything for the image. You can change the background, add or remove objects, texts and more. 

“Emu Edit is capable of free-form editing through instructions, encompassing tasks such as local and global editing, removing and adding a background, color and geometry transformations, detection and segmentation, and more,” Meta explains in a blog post. 

Meta also says that Emu Edit is trained to ensure pixels in the image that are unrelated to the instructions will remain untouched. So you’re getting changes and touch-ups only in areas where you’ve given instructions for. 

AI editing tools coming to Facebook and Instagram

Meta said that its AI editing tools will be available on Facebook and Instagram soon. But the release date hasn’t been revealed yet. Still, the editing that the AI will provide will require no technical skills from users so it’s expected to be a big hit when it rolls out. 

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