FIFA 23 review roundup: what critics are saying about the new FIFA game

The much-awaited FIFA 23 launched last week with improved gameplay mechanics and upgraded graphics. FIFA 23 will be the last game under the FIFA banner after FIFA ended its exclusive deal with EA Sports. That being said, EA will continue the franchise under EA Sports FC brand, instead of the current FIFA banner. Even after being the final game under FIFA, FIFA 23 brings several new elements to the series including women’s football, Hypermotion 2, and more. Here’s what the critics are saying about FIFA 23:

FIFA 23 review roundup

  • Polygon – “The gameplay changes, which are the most meaningful improvements among FIFA 23’s additions because they serve all modes of play, don’t just give me more things to do, or moves to memorize on my gamepad. By opening up new ways to exploit my team’s strengths, they actually tell me I’m better at soccer — video game soccer — than I give myself credit for. Of all the things I noticed in FIFA 23 right out of the box, that might have come last. But it mattered the most.”
  • IGN – “FIFA 23 is a bombastic swan song for the series (under its current name, at least) with a welcome focus on theatrical flair. FUT Moments, action replays and viral-friendly gameplay revisions like Power Shots make it a more considered, memorable game of simulated football with intentional defending and plenty of drama and goals. But EA’s Spartan approach to the modes that don’t make money ensures FIFA 23 is an all-too-familiar beast to previous years, and Ultimate Team’s offensive focus on microtransactions continues to take much of the fun out of it.”
  • Gamespot – “FIFA 23 is a fitting end to an era, successfully capturing the essence of the beautiful game alongside the disheartening practices of the profit-hungry vultures circling overhead. It’s as much about greed as it is about scoring a screamer. A game where the on-pitch action has been refined with slicker passing, more effective defending, and myriad animations that bring it all to life, yet the shadow of gambling looms over it all. This has been the case since Ultimate Team was introduced 14 years ago, so none of this comes as a surprise.”

FIFA 23 gameplay

FIFA 23 features the brand-new Hypermotion 2 tech on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, which can deliver realistic responses from players and more animations. This will make the game feel more immersive as well as responsive. The game comes with an improved dribbling system, new acceleration mechanics, a better transition to shooting, and more. Traditional FIFA modes like Ultimate Team, Matchday Experience, Career Mode, Seasons, Pro Clubs, Friendlies, and Volta Football have also been upgraded.


FIFA 23 features women’s football clubs and leagues for the first time in series history. The game will also receive FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 as part of free post-launch updates. FIFA 23 has cross-play support based on console hardware generations. Cross-play support is available on 1v1 modes like Friendlies, FUT, and Online seasons.

FIFA 23 price in India

The digital versions of FIFA 23 are cheaper on console compared to physical discs as disc prices were recently hiked in India. The prices of digital versions and discs of FIFA 23 for each platform are listed below:

FIFA 23 PC price in India

  • FIFA 23 – Rs 3,499
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition – Rs 4,799

FIFA 23 PS5, PS4 price in India

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (PS4) – Rs 3,999
  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (PS5) – Rs 4,499
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition (PS4, PS5) – Rs 6,499

FIFA 23 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One price in India

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (Xbox One) – Rs 3,999
  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (Xbox Series X|S) – Rs 4,499
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) – Rs 6,499

FIFA 23 Switch price in India

  • FIFA 23 Legacy Edition – Rs 2,799

FIFA 23 PS5, PS4 physical disc price in India

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (PS4) – Rs 4,299
  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (PS5) – Rs 4,799

FIFA 23 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One physical disc price in India

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (Xbox One) – Rs 4,299
  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition (Xbox Series X|S) – Rs 4,799

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