Instagram tests option to see posts, Reels only from verified accounts

  • Instagram has started testing a verified-only feed.
  • You can choose to see posts from only verified accounts.
  • There’s no word on whether this feature will be made official. 

Instagram is one experimental platform with new features and changes tested regularly. Its new feature, though, seems very similar to the approach X is taking currently. Instagram is testing a new feed option that will show content only from verified accounts. This applies to reels as well. This feature is currently being tested with no word on whether it will be official. 

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Instagram testing verified feed

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the new update through the app’s channel updates. This is an optional feature, and for people who wish to see posts and reels from only verified accounts.

“We’re testing a way for people to explore their Instagram feed and reels by toggling to only Meta Verified accounts. We’re exploring this as a new control for people and a way for businesses and creators to get discovered. Let us know if you’d be interested in using this,” Mosseri announced in the Instagram channel.

  • You can check if you’ve received this feature by tapping on the Instagram logo on top of the app.
  • Here, you get the option to choose either ‘Following’ or Favourites’. You should now see another option for ‘Meta Verified’. Choosing will change your feed with posts and reels from only verified accounts.
  • Since this is optional, it’s just another way for people to customise the app to their preference. But it could reduce visibility for accounts that are not verified, and are trying to build their reach. 

Meta Verified is available at Rs 699 per month in India. You can get this subscription from the Facebook or Instagram app on Android and iOS. With this subscription, you get the verified blue tick, proactive account protection, and access to account support. This new test could be seen as a way for Meta to get more people to buy the verification.

X has been quite aggressive with its paid subscription by limiting features for free users. It’s even testing a mandatory subscription for new users to get access to basic features such as liking posts, replying to posts and all.