Instagram tests sharing Stories to multiple audience lists

  • Instagram’s new feature lets you share stories to multiple audience lists.
  • It works similar to close friends where you can select people and add to a list.
  • This feature is in testing so it won’t be available to everyone.

Instagram has started testing a new feature that will let you share stories to multiple audience lists. This feature works the same as ‘Close Friends’ where you add certain people to a list, and only they can see the stories you shared. Instagram is testing this so not everyone will have access to it yet. 

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Instagram multiple audience lists for stories

Instagram head Adam Mosseri made the announcement through the app’s channel. “This allows you to share stories to smaller groups and gives you more control over who can see your stories,” Mosseri said adding that he’s been “pretty excited about being able to create additional lists for the people in my life.”

This feature essentially lets you create different lists of people among your followers. When you share stories, you can choose to either share it to everyone or to a particular list. The option will appear when you create a story and select the share option. A menu with all your friends lists including the close friends list will appear below. You can also create a list from this drop-down menu itself. 

Those who are part of an audience list will be notified when they view your story with the green icon appearing on top. Instagram already lets you create a close friends list but the option of creating multiple lists might actually help people who want to share content only with a selective group of friends. Instagram hasn’t clarified though how many lists one can create for stories. 

Facebook recently launched something similar but on bigger scale. It introduced a new feature that lets you create multiple Facebook profiles. The idea behind this is the same as it lets you create profiles for select audiences on Facebook. So you can choose to have one for your friends and family, for your professional audience, one based on your hobbies and more. 

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