New Truecaller for iPhone launched: 10x better caller ID, spam detection and more

  • Truecaller launched new iOS update that brings better experience to the users.
  • Improved features include 10X better spam and scam detection, Caller ID, and desired security.
  • The new update is precisely better than the previous ones and has an overhauled widget for rapid number search.

The new version also has an overhauled widget for rapid number search and exhibits emojis along with the Caller ID to the iPhone users. It will also showcase emojis in addition to the caller ID to iPhone users. As per the company’s tweet, this new version is 50 percent faster and 50 percent smaller in its size.

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This new update revolves around the app’s capability of spam detection, Caller ID, identification of scams, and verified businesses. Truecaller explained in a blog post that the company counts on its Truecaller Community in order to report spam numbers. It further mentioned that it has significantly improved its current accurate Caller ID and spam detection for all areas across the globe by using the same above-mentioned feature. This helps in updating the information of the spam without having users do anything. It means that now Truecaller will identify and detect the number while it’s ringing and users will not have to look up a number when the call gets over.

Moreover, the new version makes it easier for iPhone users to access it. They can simply log in and steer swiftly through the app. It also enables users to look up numbers without actually having to use the app. You can follow the below steps:

  1. If you receive a call from an unknown number then go to the call log.
  2. Click on the info button.
  3. Share the contact to Truecaller.

The app will figure out the identity of the caller and display the number in your iPhone’s Call Log. And in case you get another call from the same number again, then the Truecaller Caller ID will identify the call while it still rings.