Reliance AGM 2023 announcements: Jio AirFiber launch date, Jio SmartHome, new JioCinema features and more

  • Reliance AGM 2023 was held yesterday and the company primarily announced the JioHome services.
  • It also gave us the Jio AirFiber availability details.
  • It also shared some of the upcoming JioCinema features, among other things.

Reliance Industries had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday where the company revealed exciting announcements like the Jio AirFiber release date, Jio SmartHome services including Jio Home Router, Jio Home app, and JioHome Set Top Box. Here are the key Reliance AGM 2023 announcements related to the company’s Jio portfolio.

Major Jio announcements at Reliance AGM 2023

1. Jio AirFiber

Jio Fiber broadband connects around 10 million homes but with the AirFiber, the company aims to connect 200 million homes. It will be a hotspot device to transmit WiFi throughout the home. This service was announced at last year’s AGM and this time, the company revealed the Jio AirFiber will be selling from September 19th.

2. Jio SmartHome services

As around 80 per cent of data consumption happens indoors, Jio is trying to tap this market with its bouquet of smart home offerings called Jio SmartHome services.

  • Jio Home Router will help you manage the WiFi traffic in the local area network. So, they rely on JioFiber and Jio AirFiber internet services.
  • Jio Home app comes with parental controls, content blockers, Digital Security for blocking untrusted networks, a Wi-Fi analyzing facility that also suggests you get the AirFiber extender for improved AI coverage if needed, and a feature to easily manage, grant or share Wi-Fi. Jio Home app controls also let you enable smart home automation in the form of a Smart Alarm, Smart Geyser, Smart Fans, etc.
  • Jio Set Top Box is called the gateway to entertainment through TV channels (JioTV+), OTT platforms (JioCinema and third-party streaming services), large-screen games, apps, and more. You will get to control it using Jio eRemote, which lets you control the TV using your smartphone. Similarly, you can use your smartphone as a gamepad too.

3. New JioCinema features

Reliance also revealed that JioCinema will soon get features like multi-video, PiP, and multi-lingual support for various Indian languages.

4. Jio AI

Reliance Jio AI

The company promises AI to everyone everywhere (What Reliance said on stage). It is planning to develop India-specific AI models and AI-powered solutions. It will be also creating up to 2,000 megawatts of AI-ready computing capacity.

5. Jio True 5G Developer Platform

It gives the developers control and access to activate network slices (wherein a network is sliced into segments and each segment can be put to a different task), deploy applications on edge computing (for quicker computing and communication in IoT devices without relying on the cloud), and access a diverse ecosystem of partner applications. Jio highlights how its developer platform will facilitate low-latency applications and quick deployment.

It also announced its first Jio True 5G Lab in Reliance Corporate Park, Mumbai, wherein its technology partners and enterprise customers can test, build, and develop various applications.

Mr Ambani also emphasized how they have transformed from a telecom operator to a technology company. It underlined how it is among the first globally to develop 6G capabilities and also one of the largest filers of global patents from India for digital technologies.

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