Samsung Galaxy S22 series to support 25W fast charging

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is expected to launch in Q1 2022.
  • The lineup is tipped to feature 25W fast charging support, at least the Snapdragon 898 variants
  • Samsung has been offering the 25W fast charging support on most of its flagships for some time now.

Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S22 series in Q1 2022, but it looks like the flagship phones will still be limited to 25W fast charging. The South Korean giant has received 3C certification for the Chinese variants of the Galaxy S22 smartphones. The listing reveals that the phones will come with support for 25W fast charging only. Many current flagships from other brands offer super-fast charging speeds as high as 120W. There were a couple of rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would offer 45W or higher fast charging, but that seems to be untrue. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 fast charging details revealed

The 3C listing is for the Chinese variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22 devices, and it shows that all phones will support 25W fast charging. Even the high-end Galaxy S22 Ultra will be limited to 25W charging, which is slow compared to other flagships in the market. Apple’s iPhone flagships are the only other smartphones to offer limited fast charging support. Samsung probably wants to play it safe and is therefore going with the mid-range 25W charging speeds.

The Chinese variants listed on the 3C certification website is powered by the Snapdragon 898 chipsets. According to some rumours, the 25W fast charging support could be limited to the Qualcomm powered Galaxy S22 models. The variants with the Exynos 2200 could get the rumored faster 45W or 65W charging support, which would be nice. However, these variants haven’t been certified yet, so we cannot confirm anything yet. 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 devices carrying model numbers SM-S9010, SM-S9060, and SM-S9080 are listed on the 3C website. These are the Chinese variants, and they support the Samsung EP-TA800 25W charging adapter. Samsung has been using this adapter since August 2019, when it was introduced with the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung will definitely fall behind its competitors, some of whom are even offering 100W+ fast charging support on their flagships. Even some mid-range devices now come with 30W+ charging speeds. 

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