WhatsApp new features launching in 2023: Companion mode, business directory, view once text, and more

Here are the WhatsApp features to look forward to in 2023

WhatsApp is all set to launch a handful of new features this year. The company has already been testing some of these features on beta users, and it won’t be long before they are rolled out for all. The WhatsApp new features 2023 list is likely to include a screen lock for the desktop app, view once text, companion mode, PiP for video calls on iOS and more. In this article, we have compiled a list of new WhatsApp features that are currently in development and may release in the upcoming months throughout 2023.

WhatsApp features launched in 2023

Here are the WhatsApp features that are now live in the stable version of the app.

WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

WhatsApp has several new features in the pipeline that are expected to launch throughout 2023. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Companion modeAndroid and iPhone
View Once textAndroid, iPhone, Windows, and Mac
Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOSiPhone
Voice notes on statusAndroid and iPhone
Call tab on WhatsApp desktopWindows and Mac
WhatsApp business directoryAndroid and iPhone
Screenlock for WhatsApp desktopWindows and Mac
Dedicated video modeAndroid and iPhone
Sending compression free imagesAndroid and iPhone

Companion mode

Image credits: WABetaInfo

One of the biggest gripes of WhatsApp is that users cannot log in with the same account on multiple phones. The upcoming ‘Companion mode’ could soon change that by allowing users to link their existing WhatsApp account or mobile number with additional phones. With this mode enabled, users will not be logged out from their primary mobile when signing into another phone. This will ultimately unlock the possibility of using WhatsApp on an Android phone and an iPhone simultaneously. Since the feature is currently in beta for Android, expect a stable release in the coming months.

View Once text

Image credits: WABetaInfo

Just like the name suggests, View Once will allow users to send a text-based message that will automatically be deleted when the recipient opens and reads it. The feature could come in really handy when you want the party on the other end to not store any confidential and private information. Consider it as the text alternative to the View Once photo feature that WhatsApp has been sporting for a while now.

Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOS

Picture in Picture for video calls on iOS
Image credits: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp users on Android have been enjoying video calls in Picture-in-Picture mode for well over a few months. The same functionality could soon come to iPhones which will allow users to browse through other apps while minimising the video call into a small interface that can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen. With PiP for video calls, users will be able to multitask with ease.

Voice notes on status

WhatsApp status voice notes
Image credits: WABetaInfo

Currently, WhatsApp lets users upload texts, images, videos, and URLs as status (stories) updates. In the coming few months, a new type of media could soon be added to statuses i.e. voice notes. According to WABetaInfo, when in the status upload interface, users will be able to post voice notes for up to 30 seconds to their status by selecting the ‘microphone’ icon at the bottom right corner. Furthermore, these voice notes could be end-to-end encrypted and will be shared with only the people you choose.

Call tab on WhatsApp desktop

Call tab for WhatsApp desktop
Image credit: WABetaInfo

For most users, WhatsApp is the go-to solution for video calls and group calls. To keep up with all the recent and missed calls, WhatsApp may soon introduce a dedicated call tab for its desktop app. The call log will sync with the phone in real-time to provide users with up-to-date calling history. Do note that this functionality may not come to WhatsApp Web as it doesn’t natively support voice calling, unlike WhatsApp for Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp business directory

WhatsApp business directory

Currently rolling out in a handful of countries, WhatsApp business directory will let users find and connect with businesses based on various categories and niches which include restaurants, grocery stores, automobile services, etc. But for this to work, both existing and new WhatsApp Business accounts will have to send in their request to apply for the business directory and then only users on the platform will be able to find them. WhatsApp has also released additional details regarding the business directory on its official blog post. Furthermore, businesses will be able to provide a ‘add to cart’ functionality right within WhatsApp.

Screenlock for WhatsApp Desktop

Screenlock for WhatsApp desktop and Web
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Unlike the WhatsApp mobile app, the desktop app does not come with a biometric screen lock. Having a built-in screen lock adds additional layers of security provided the user has also enabled the device lock from settings. The feature could land on both Windows and Mac sometime in 2023.

Dedicated video mode

Dedicated video mode on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working to get a new dedicated video mode on its platform. This will be different from the current mode where users are required to press and hold the shutter button to record a video using WhatsApp’s inbuilt camera interface. Once the feature is rolled out with the new update, there will be a separate video recording option with a dedicated button within the camera UI.

Sending compression-free images

Compression free images on WhatsApp

When sending images through WhatsApp, it often deteriorates the quality of images resulting in loss of details and resolution. However, a new feature that is said to be in the works could bring a dedicated button within the screenshot editor screen that will allow users to change the quality of the images to avoid any compression when sharing images to chats and groups.