Yamaha electric scooter launching in India soon: price, specifications, and everything we know so far

Yamaha electric scooter India launch is likely scheduled for April 11th, according to a report.

Electric vehicles are catching on and in a big way, but the quickest transition has been in the two-wheeler segment and no manufacturer wants to feel left out. Yamaha too wants in on the action after recently launching the Yamaha E01 and Yamaha Neo’s. While both the e-scooters have been introduced globally, they are likely to hit Indian shores later this year. In fact, Yamaha could launch one of these electric scooters on April 11th, according to a report. The Yamaha Neo’s and the Yamaha E01, if introduced in India, will go up against the likes of other premium electric scooters such as the Ola S1 Pro, the Ather 450x, the Bounce Infinity E1, and the Simple One. Let’s look at a quick round-up.

Yamaha Neo’s and Yamaha E01 price in India (expected)

The Yamaha Neo’s and Yamaha E01 e-scooters have been introduced to global markets. Yamaha intends to launch the e-scooters in the European and the Japanese markets first, followed by other markets across the world. The pricing on the Yamaha Neo’s, a scooter that is a 50cc segment scooter contemporary, has been set at GBP 3,000, which translates to approximately Rs 3 lakhs. There is no word on the pricing of the Yamaha E01, the larger of the two which would sit parallel to a 125cc segment scooter in the portfolio.

The Indian prices may vary depending upon multiple external factors which include taxes, localisation of production, etc. The Japanese auto giant is expected to launch the Yamaha Neo’s and the Yamaha E01 with necessary alterations by next year.

Yamaha Neo’s specifications, features

The Yamaha Neo’s is a small electric scooter that seems to have been built with urban consumers in mind with an emphasis on commuting on busy streets. The features and mechanicals are also well in-sync with what one can expect from a comparable 50cc ICE scooter built for the same purpose. The Yamaha Neo’s starts with smart and compact styling and brings in a host of modern touches in the form of an Android-like front LED headlamps with DRLs, a solid colour front apron with a gloss black single stripe in the middle, and a front cowl with amber turn indicators. At the back, the LED tail lamp cluster takes a floating design cue and looks futuristic in the process.

Power comes from the 2.06kW brushless DC hub motor that enables a top speed of 40kmph (restricted). The motor in ECO mode drops power down to 1.58kW and limits top speed to an even lower 35kmph. The ECO mode on the Yamaha Neo’s lends the rider with 38.5km of range and with the optional secondary battery pack involved the range bumps up to 68km. As for the battery, a single unit is a 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery pack and weighs 8kg, and is hence easily removable. A domestic socket can fully charge the battery in about 8 odd hours.

The Yamaha Neo’s packs in new-age features to complete the package which includes – vehicle battery status, route tracking, viewing of calls and messages, and a generous 27 litres of under-seat storage. It’s interesting to note that the secondary battery pack robs you of some storage. In terms of mechanicals, the e-scooter boasts – 13-inch alloys with low rolling resistance tyres, a KYB sourced telescopic fork, a single rear shock absorber, and manages a 135mm ground clearance. The Yamaha Neo’s tips the scale at only 90kg!

Yamaha E01 specifications, features

The Yamaha E01 is the larger two-wheel out of the two and has its lineage embedded in the Yamaha E01 concept from 2019 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The maxi-style scooter is a 125cc ICE scooter contemporary and delivers more grunt and practicality than the smaller Yamaha Neo’s. This e-scooter also takes a rather sporty approach in its design. At the front, the layered apron is bulky as on other maxi-scooters and gets embellishments in the form of disjointed LED DRLs. The main LED headlamp units are split into two barrels and tucked right underneath the front apron – and resembles a sporty Yamaha motorcycle in this respect. The floorboard is not flat and gets a stepped design, which might be utilised for storage or an extra battery, and its function is unclear at the moment. The seats are more generously sized making them suitable for longer riding requirements as well. One could also find help on longer journey’s given the front clear short-length windscreen.


The details on the spec sheet and feature list have not been revealed yet. But given its size and the ICE scooter segment, it would be gunning at, it’s safe to assume that the scooter would offer anywhere around 11kW or 15bhp of power from its electric motor and is likely to be paired to a removable li-ion battery pack. The Yamaha E01 will also post a driving range of 70km or more and might even offer the secondary battery pack technology to further extend the range. Hints on its mechanicals, such as the dual telescopic front suspension, large split-spoke alloy wheels, and disc brakes can be made out from the product image. Representatives from Japanese auto-media who were invited to ride some development units have come out impressed and inferred that the Yamaha E01 is indeed a capable e-scooter.