Airtel SMS centre: Check out the Airtel message centre number of your state

Everything is working perfectly on your phone as it’s intended to be, but when you try to send an SMS, for some reason it fails to get delivered and your message is never received by the other party. In that case, you may need to have a look at your Airtel messaging settings and tweak the options present there such as replacing the ‘Airtel SMS centre’ number. But how to do that exactly? Fret not as we’ll guide you through that in this article. But first of all, you’ll need to check the Airtel message centre number of your state. Find the compiled list of numbers for all the different states below.

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What is the Airtel message centre number of your state?

Every state has a different Airtel message centre number and you need to dial them correctly  to get your problem resolved. If you are not sure which Airtel SMS centre number belongs to your state, check out the list below:

  • For Andhra Pradesh +919849087001 
  • For Assam +919818023015 
  • For Bihar +919831029416 
  • For  Chhattisgarh +919845086020
  • For Delhi +919810051914 
  • For Gujarat +919831029416 
  • For Jammu & Kashmir +919845086007 
  • For Jharkhand +919845086020 
  • For Karnataka +919845086007 
  • For Kerala +919810051905
  • For Kolkata +919845086007 
  • For Maharashtra +919898051916 
  • For Madhya Pradesh +919845086020 
  • For Mumbai +919898051916 
  • For Orissa +919818023015 
  • For Punjab +919815051914 
  • For Rajasthan +919815051914 
  • For Telangana +919849087001 
  • For Tamil Nadu +919898051914 
  • For West Bengal +919932029007

How to troubleshoot and fix messages not being sent from your Airtel number

Before proceeding to change your Airtel SMS centre number, you can take a moment and perform several troubleshooting workarounds to check if it solves the issue of messages not being sent from your Airtel number.

  • Restart your phone: The solution to major problems on phones is a simple restart in order to remove any temporary issues.
  • Clear cache of your messages app: Clearing an app’s cache helps in getting rid of any misbehaving processes in the background and is always worth a try when something’s not right with an app.
  • Updating to the latest version: Make sure you are running on the latest version of the messages app to iron out any bugs and glitches that are preventing messages to be delivered.
  • Call customer care: Calling Airtel customer care number is your last resort if you’re done with the above mentioned workarounds and still the issue persists. You can connect with a customer care executive and they will provide the best possible solution from their end. Airtel’s customer care number is 121.
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How to change Airtel SMS centre number on your phone

Here’s how you can change the Airtel SMS centre number on your phone.

 Airtel SMS centre number settings
Changing the SMS centre number is an easy process
  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your phone
  • Head over to ‘Network & Internet’ or a similar setting
  • Select ‘Call’ and then find its advanced setting and select that as well
  • Here you’ll find something called as ‘SMSC settings’ or ‘SMS centre number’. Just tap it
  • Now check whether the number entered here is of your state. If not, go through the above SMS centre number list and copy & paste the appropriate one.

Note: The process to change the SMS centre number may vary from phone to phone. Just find your way through ‘Advanced calling settings’ to change the Airtel SMS centre number.