Beware! PUBG New State reportedly bricking Android phones

  • Earlier today, the much-awaited PUBG: New State game was released for Android and iOS devices.
  • Ever since the release, the game has been facing server-side technical difficulties.
  • Adding to that, we have now been encountering hard bricks on the devices we’ve tested this game on.

After a lot of teasers, leaks, hype, and whatnot, PUBG: New State is finally official. The game launched for Android, as well as for iOS devices, earlier today. The launch, however, was not as smooth as the fans of the games and/or the devs must have anticipated, as the game took forever to load and was stuck at 38% for plenty of users. Post that, the developers officially announced the delay in the launch because of the issues they were facing on the server-side.

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Post the glitch-dust started settling down, we downloaded the game and tried to get our hands on the new trend in the gaming realm. Much to our surprise and to our bad luck, we have not been having a good time with the game so far, as a couple of devices that we’ve tested the game on have been fried – one is soft bricked and (we hope) can be recovered with some effort, and another is hard bricked.

The problem occurred when the game prompted us to sign in either as guest or by using our Google/Facebook credentials. Tapping on any of the three buttons turned out to be a nightmare and the device entered boot loop for a couple of minutes. Post that, things became worse, as the device completely froze and is, well, a brick for now. This happened on a device booting Android 12.

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Testing further, we tried the same thing on an Android 10-powered device and things have not been all candies there either, as the OPPO Find X2 Pro we tried the game on is also waiting to come out of the much-dreaded loop.

Is PUBG: New State a risky game to download for now? Well, we cannot say that for sure for now. One thing we are sure about is the fact that there’s a potential risk of devices getting bricked. We’d try to investigate it further and install the game on more of our testing units and will keep you updated on the matter.