GTA fans create GTA 6 map based on recent leak

Some GTA fans have used recently leaked GTA 6 information to create bare-bones map.

  • Rockstar recently faced a cyber-attack, resulting in a massive GTA 6 leak.
  • GTA fans are using the leaked information to create a bare-bones GTA 6 map.
  • The fan-made GTA 6 map gives a glimpse at how key locations can be connected to each other.

The recent GTA 6 leak revealed a lot of key information about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. GTA fans have now got their first look at the protagonist, the open world set in Vice City, and other elements of the game. Some hardcore GTA fans have created a fan-made GTA 6 map with the help of leaked footage and screenshots. While the footage and screenshots were leaked from an early test build of GTA 6, it gives a glimpse at where some key locations could be located and how they will be connected by roads.

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While Rockstar and Take-Two are aggressively taking down all the leaked GTA 6 content, GTA fans are using creative ways to create a bare-bones version of the map. According to a report from Kotaku, GTA fans on GTA Forums are using images from Google Earth as substitutes for screenshots. Some players are also using Microsoft Paint to make rough recreations of leaked GTA 6 footage. Fans have been trying to make a GTA 6 map since the leak, but previous collaborations have been stopped after posts on GTA Forums were taken down as leaked screenshots were used.

However, recreating the GTA 6 map without any reference to the leaked footage or screenshots is quite difficult. So, some fans have started using the leaked footage on Discord servers to recreate a map with a lot of useful data including in-game coordinates that have helped players figure out where key locations are situated. The Church of GTA Twitter handle has shared a map that was created on Discord, which contains some of the leaked locations and shows how far they are from each other. Besides these, the map also shows some of the roads that could be in GTA 6.