iPhone 16 Ultra will be the highest-end iPhone in 2024, even above the iPhone 16 Pro Max: Report

Both Ultra and Pro Max models are tipped to be in existence, not just one, for the iPhone 16 series.

  • Apple may launch iPhone 16 Ultra as the higher-end model in 2024.
  • The iPhone 16 Ultra is expected to be more expensive than iPhone 16 Pro Max.
  • Apple has already given the name “Ultra” to its premium sporty smartwatch.

The ‘Pro Max’ variant is currently the most expensive and highest-end model of the Apple iPhone 14 series, but several reports have indicated that Apple might ditch the ‘Pro Max’ variant in favour of the iPhone 15 Ultra this year. However, a Bloomberg report by Apple analyst Mark Gurman hints that, in 2024, instead of renaming, the tech giant may opt for a higher-end model – iPhone 16 Ultra – likely to be above both Pro and Pro Max models.

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In the report, analyst Mark Gurman stated that it is unclear how that top-of-the-line model would differ, but it will likely come with upgraded cameras, a faster chip, and possibly a larger display. Additionally, there might be more futuristic features, like the eventual removal of the charging port.

According to the report, Apple has discussed internally adding a higher-end iPhone to its smartphone lineup. Tt has already done more to differentiate its Pro models from standard iPhones, giving customers a reason to pay more. The tech giant has already given the name “Ultra” to its premium sporty smartwatch and its top-tier M1 processor.

During the company’s earnings call this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that customers are willing to pay more for the best phone. The new iPhone model would help increase the average selling price of the iPhone even further.

iPhone 15 leaks

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently asserted that the tech giant would only include periscope lenses in its highest-end models. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra, Apple would introduce its first periscope camera, suggesting that the lens will be a key differentiator between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Ultra, providing consumers with an additional reason to purchase the most expensive model.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to unveil four new iPhones this year – iPhone 15iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has been rumoured to be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra.