Jio Air Fiber ultra-high-speed 5G hotspot announced: 5G speeds, use cases, and more revealed

At Reliance AGM 2022, Jio announced the launch of Jio Air Fiber, which is an ultra-high-speed 5G hotspot device to deliver wireless fiber-like 5G speeds at home or office.

  • Jio Air Fiber is a 5G hotspot device announced at AGM 2022.
  • It can deliver fiber-like 5G speeds without any wires.
  • Jio Air Fiber will enable cloud gaming, immersive sports viewing, and Jio Cloud PC.

Jio Air Fiber was announced at the Reliance AGM 2022 on Monday. The ultra-high-speed fixed broadband solution will be able to deliver fiber-like speeds over the air without any wires. The device can be placed at home or office to deliver Gigabit-speed internet, Akash Ambani said during the AGM 2022. Jio Air Fiber is a simple plug-and-play device that will wirelessly deliver 5G connectivity for multiple use cases such as cloud gaming, immersive sports viewing, and more.

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What is Jio Air Fiber?

Jio Air Fiber is essentially a wireless plug-and-play 5G hotspot that can be set up at home or office. The portable device showcased during the AGM 2022 can simply be plugged anywhere and switched on, following which users will be able to enjoy wireless high-speed fiber-like broadband speeds.

Jio Air Fiber

What are the uses cases for Jio Air Fiber?

By delivering 5G speeds over the air using the Jio Air Fiber, users will be able to make use of high data speeds for various applications like cloud gaming, augmented reality, and watching immersive sporting content. Jio showcased how users will be able to stream multiple camera angles of a sporting event simultaneously in high definition with the help of 5G.

Using Jio Air Fiber, users will also be able to do away with expenses related to buying computer hardware as they can instead opt for a virtual PC hosted on the cloud, called Jio Cloud PC.

When will Jio Air Fiber launch?

Jio has not provided a release date for the Jio Air Fiber 5G hotspot device. The telecom plans to roll out 5G services in India in select cities by Diwali 2022, with a wider rollout expected in the months after. It is likely that the Jio Air Fiber will also be released post-Diwali in cities where 5G services have been deployed.