‘Didn’t expect to suffer as they did’: Squid Game: The Challenge contestants threaten to sue Netflix

  • Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality show based on the Netflix original.
  • Here, 456 contestants took part for a prize money of 4.56 million.
  • But it looks like the contestants suffered serious injuries from filming the show. 

Squid Game: The Challenge released on November 22nd as the hit Netflix original’s reality show. The reality show had 456 contestants taking part in challenges for a cash prize of 4.56 million. It featured the same challenges as seen on Squid Game but it looks like the reality show wasn’t all fun as contestants are suing Netflix for injuries. 

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants threaten to sue Netflix

  • Two contestants who took part in Squid Game: The Challenge are considering legal action Netflix, according to a report by The Guardian.
  • Express Solicitors, a British personal injuries law firm representing the contestants said that they were not aware of the health implications that would occur after filming the show.
  • This was particularly about the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ challenge where you had to stand motionless for multiple times before reaching the finish line. But the contestants alleged that they had to do this in cold temperatures.
  • The situation was described as someone fainting, people calling for medical help, one’s handing turning purple, and even complains of hypothermia.
  • It’s worth noting that the show was filmed during a period of cold weather at Cardington Studios, which is a former Royal Air Force base in Bedfordshire, Britain. 

“Contestants thought they were taking part in something fun and those injured did not expect to suffer as they did. Now they have been left with injuries after spending time being stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures,” Daniel Slade, CEO of Express Solicitors, was quoted as saying by The Guardian

The report adds that Netflix did confirm three contestants receiving medical treatment but denies any serious injury claims. According to a report by Deadline, there was an independent safety inspection at the shoot location after the medical incidents. But there was no further action taken, and producers were only asked to take proper precautions. Netflix also said that the Squid Game contestants haven’t filed any lawsuit.