WhatsApp testing third-party animated Stickers for desktop version

“WhatsApp Web for desktop presently supports Stickers, but those aren’t animated”

WhatsApp is reportedly testing third-party animated stickers. According to a tweet by WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform is testing the stickers for the desktop (web) versions. The company has been testing animated stickers for its iOS and Android versions for a while now. In addition, WhatsApp does have Stickers on the platform already, though they aren’t the animated ones. Also, having third-party sticker support on WhatsApp would mean a wider range of stickers for users to choose from.

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In essence, the idea seems to be same as GIFs on WhatsApp. The instant messaging platform has integrated the Giphy search engine into its service, allowing users to choose and search from Giphy’s seemingly never ending collection of GIFs. Adding third-party stickers would ideally mean that users can add various sticker packs.

Unlike GIFs, WhatsApp is probably not going to have you search from amongst a plethora of stickers, instead allowing you to download them onto your phone. WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot of a bunch of monkey stickers through its tweet, which should be one of the sticker packs that WhatsApp is bringing.

A separate report suggests that WhatsApp is also working on a new version of its web application. If true, this should also mean a revamp for its desktop version, which is essentially its web app but in a downloadable ‘app’ form. This version will apparently allow users to use the app without linking their phones to it. At the moment, users have to scan a QR code to run WhatsApp through the desktop or web apps. Reports say that the new app will run even if your phone is turned off, something the current versions can’t do.

In fact, the current versions don’t work even if your phone is disconnected from the Internet. That said, it’s unlikely that WhatsApp will completely get rid of the phone connect with this version. That’s because the company also achieves some level of security through it. Since WhatsApp accounts are made based on mobile phone numbers, scanning the QR code also allows the platform to link the right account to the right web/ desktop version.