BSNL SIM activation: How to activate BSNL SIM card for voice call, internet, and SMS services

Whether porting to a BSNL or getting a new SIM card altogether, it has never been easier than before. Just submit your Aadhaar card, give your fingerprints, some OTPs and voila! Your BSNL SIM card is with you. But, how do you activate the BSNL SIM card once you get it? While many of us might know this, the older members of our household may not be able to activate the SIM card on their own. So, in this post, we will guide you step by step, on how to activate your BSNL SIM card for voice calls, internet connectivity, and SMS services:

How to activate the BSNL SIM card

To activate your BSNL SIM card, here’s what you need to do:

  • Pop off the SIM card tray of your smartphone and insert your BSNL SIM card. If your phone has two SIM card slots, insert in SIM card slot 1 for a better internet experience.
  • Now, insert the SIM card tray with the SIM back into your smartphone and wait for the network signal to appear.
  • Once you see the network signal on top of the display, open the phone app.
  • Dial 1507 from your phone and confirm your identity
  • You will be asked questions like language, identity proof, and more.
  • Complete the tele-verification as guided.
  • Once completed, your BSNL SIM will be successfully activated in some time.
  • You will receive handset-specific internet settings
  • Save these settings and your SIM Card should be fully functional.
  • You can now start using your BSNL SIM for calling and Internet services.

How to activate data service on your BSNL SIM card

Send SMS ‘Start’ to 1925 from your BSNL number. You will receive a message saying that “Mobile data service has been activated”. TRAI has launched the 1925 SMS service to activate and deactivate mobile data.


How long does it take for SIM card activation after tele-verification

It can take about 30 minutes to 2 hours for your SIM card to activate. In case it is still not activated, contact the BSNL customer care, and inquire what is the issue. The customer care number is 1800-345-1500 (non-BSNL users) or 1500 (BSNL users).

I cannot access the internet on my phone after tele-verification. What should I do?

Check your phone’s settings. If you are still facing connectivity issues even after activating mobile data, follow these steps:

    On Android devices:

    • Go to the settings app.
    • Tap on Network and Internet.
    • Now tap on Mobile Networks
    • Tap on BSNL
    • Scroll down and you should see the Preferred network type option. Tap on it.
    • Now tap on 3G/4G/automatic. Your mobile data should be working now.

    On iOS devices:

    • Go to the settings app.
    • Tap on Cellular.
    • Tap on Cellular Data options.
    • Tap on Enable 4G.
    • Now, Tap on the option “both voice and data”.
    • You should be able to access the internet now.