This Signal, Telegram feature is annoying users, here’s how you can disable it

Signal and Telegram are seeing waves of new users following WhatsApp's new privacy policy.

  • Signal and Telegram have seen an influx of new users over the past few days
  • Users have been receiving push notifications of contacts joining Signal, Telegram
  • WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy causing data concerns

Signal and Telegram are two messaging services that have been trending over the past few days thanks to WhatsApp. After the Facebook-owned messaging platform updated its privacy policy, which makes it mandatory for users to share data with Facebook, many users saw this as the perfect time to finally call it quits. Soon after, users started looking for WhatsApp alternatives with Signal and Telegram being the top two popular choices. In fact, Signal has now become the top free app in the Apple App Store. While Signal and Telegram are indeed more secure messaging services, there is one particular feature that has been annoying users both new and old.

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Signal and Telegram users have been receiving constant notifications about new users joining the app. This to be expected as both the apps are seeing waves of new users sign up every day since WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy. Unfortunately, the push notification about new contacts joining is enabled by default when you log in, but there is an easy way to disable the feature on both apps.

How to disable notifications about new contacts joining?

You can easily disable push notifications for new contacts joining in Signal and Telegram through Settings. In the Telegram app, tap on the Settings icon and head to Notifications and Sound. Here, scroll to the bottom where you will find the ‘New Contact’ option enabled by default. You can disable this so you won’t receive a push notification every time a new contact joins Telegram.

In the Signal app, tap on your profile name on the top left corner of the screen. Then, head to Notifications. Here, you will see the ‘Contacts Joined Signal’ option enabled by default. You can toggle it off so you won’t receive push notifications for the same.