iPhone users can watch Instagram Reels without downloading the app: here’s how

  • Instagram is testing an App Clip for iPhones.
  • This feature lets you experience apps before downloading them on your device.
  • Instagram’s App Clip lets you watch Reels.

Instagram is making it easier for iPhone users to watch Reels without having to download the app. This is possible through App Clips, a feature Apple rolled out to iPhones in 2021 with the iOS 14 update. App Clips let you have a mini experience of the app before downloading it on your iPhone. You can rent a bike, pay for parking, or order food through App Clips.

Instagram is also getting its own App Clip, and it lets you watch Reels. 

Instagram App Clip for iPhones

  • This feature was spotted by 9to5Mac on the Instagram beta version 319.0.2 available through TestFlight. In this version, Instagram gets an App Clip.
  • The Instagram App Clip in particular, lets you watch Reels in the app’s native interface. You can do this without having to download the app on your iPhone.
  • This works even if someone sends you an Instagram Reel link, and you don’t have the app. You can tap on the link, and it will open to the App Clip.
  • Instagram’s App Clip lets you keep scrolling to watch more Reels, and you can even use the share button. But after watching around six Reels, you’ll be prompted to download the Instagram app if you want to continue using it.

This feature can be helpful if you want to check out some Reels but don’t want to download the Instagram app. Although the possibility of not having the Instagram app on your iPhone seems quite unlikely for smartphone users these days. The new App Clip feature for Instagram is expected to roll out in a future update for iPhones. 

Instagram is also testing ‘Flipside’, a new feature that lets you create a secondary profile on the same account. This profile can have a select audience, and the feed will also be separate from your regular profile. There’s no word on when this new Instagram feature will roll out to the public. 

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