WhatsApp is offering Rs 51 cashback to its users in India; Here’s how to avail

  • WhatsApp recently started rolling out its UPI-based payment service.
  • In India, WhatsApp is likely to face stiff competition from the likes of PhonePe, PayTM, and more
  • To overcome the competition, WhatsApp has started offering a cashback of Rs 51

Not too long ago, WhatsApp announced its UPI-based payment service in India. Sending money to one’s contacts directly from WhatsApp could seem like a convenient tool to many, but WhatsApp is likely to face strong competition against the likes of the already established players in the market – PayTM, PhonePe, and Google Pay, to name a few. To tackle the same and to (sort of) create some initial hype, WhatsApp has started offering a cashback of Rs 51 if one makes a UPI payment via the app. This is not the first time a UPI payment app has tried to pull off such a thing. I mean, I personally have not forgotten what Google Pay did back in the day. The scratch cards scheme Google Pay introduced is still going on in India and WhatsApp seems to be trying to leverage on similar lines.

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How to avail Rs 51 cashback from WhatsApp

The WhatsApp beta app has started pushing a banner on top of the chat list (for Android users as of now), which reads, “Give cash, get ₹51 back.” The Rs 51 cashback is guaranteed and there’s no limit on the money you have to send in order to receive this seemingly lucrative cashback. There’s, however, an end to it and one account can only avail the cashback five times.

WhatsApp Rs 51 cashback

In simpler terms, one can make a payment of Re 1 to 5 of their contacts and avail a cashback of Rs 51 for the same. But that would be, well, more or less it. Once the payment is successfully made, the cashback of Rs 51 is immediately credited to one’s account. WhatsApp also makes it a point to notify you of the same.

WhatsApp Rs 51 cashback confirmation

We are not entirely sure as to how long this cashback offer would last, so if you want to earn this cashback, now might be the best time to do so.

How to make UPI payment on WhatsApp

In order to make a UPI payment and earn Rs 51 cashback on WhatsApp, fire up the social media app on your device.

  • Open the chat window and select the ‘Attachment icon’, followed by the Payment option if you are on an Android device. iPhone users can tap on the rupee icon next to the chatbox
  • Add your bank details, if you haven’t, to send and receive money
  • Enter the amount, hit enter after that
  • Enter your UPI pin to complete the payment
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you after the transaction is complete.