FAUG update: Team Deathmatch mode teased officially, beta release in June

  • FAUG is all set to get a new 5 v 5 Team Deathmatch mode soon. 
  • nCore Games posted a teaser showcasing the TDM mode with new weapons, skins, and an urban map. 
  • FAUG Team Deathmatch mode will be available for beta testers starting on June 21st.

FAUG launch in India earlier this year was met with a lot of excitement and hype. The actual game was nothing short of a damp squib, with criticism towards the combat, graphics, and missing features. Developer nCore games promised to add Team Deathmatch mode eventually, and today, we have our first glimpse at it via a tweet. It also tells us that FAUG Team Deathmatch mode will be available for beta testers on June 21st. FAUG multiplayer mode will also add one seemingly obvious feature that should have been included in the beginning – guns.

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FAUG Team Deathmatch beta release on June 21st

The teaser is quite light on any actual gameplay footage, but we can see a variety of weapons including scoped bolt-action rifles, submachine guns, fully automatic rifles, and grenades. While the teaser only showcases one arena set in an urban environment, we can hope that FAUG multiplayer offers more. However, for FAUG to act as a ‘complete’ PUBG Mobile replacement, it needs a Battle Royale mode. There is no word as to when Battle Royale mode is coming to FAUG. The devs haven’t been very vocal about the matter, either. 

Even if FAUG does get Battle Royale, TDM, and other bells and whistles, it will have been too late, with PUBG: New State being around the corner. Former PUBG Mobile fans will prefer a sequel to a game that they already know and love instead of jumping ship to a hastily cobbled-together alternative. Besides, Apex Legends is coming to Android and iOS, too, further increasing competition in the mobile battle royale genre.