[Exclusive] Jio 5G speedtest result shows 420Mbps download speed, 8x faster than 4G

  • Jio 5G network speedtest screenshot shows download and upload speeds.
  • The Jio 5G network has a download speed of 420Mbps and an upload speed of 412Mbps.
  • The 5G download speed is 8x faster than the company’s 4G network, while the upload speed is 15x faster.

5G rollout in India is slowly gaining momentum after the Department of Telecom (DoT) announced the latest connectivity standard will be rolled out to the public in 13 metro cities before the end of this year. Jio has been making significant progress with regard to the testing and rollout plan. The company recently announced that it has completed planning of 5G rollout in around 1,000 cities in the country. The Jio 5G network will be powered by the indigenously developed network, hardware, and technology components. Now, 91mobiles brings you a major update in this regard. We have managed to get a screenshot of the speed test that shows Jio 5G speed you can look forward to.

Jio 5G speeds

Jio 5G speed

According to the screenshot shared with us by a person who part of the pilot testing for the Jio 5G, the network has been able to achieve a download speed of 420Mbps and upload speed of 412 Mbps. It has a latency of 11ms and 9ms jitters. Interestingly, the image also shows Jio’s 4G network has a download speed of 46.82 Mbps download and 25.31 upload speeds. This means 5G download speed is 8x faster and the upload speed is 15x faster when compared to Jio’s 4G network, on the Mumbai server at least.

Since the image is from the testing program, we can speculate the actual speed might vary when it’s officially available for the public. The real-world speed when the network is open for the wider public in 2023 should be a little lower, depending on the number of active users.

Back in 2016, before Jio had kicked off its 4G operations, it was offering crazy speeds as high as 135Mbps in the pilot testing phase ahead of the official launch. However, after the 4G rollout commenced pan-India, the speed dropped to an average of around 25-30Mbps. We can expect a similar drop in Jio 5G speeds once the network becomes widely available.

This means you can look forward to download speeds in the range of 100-150Mbps, which is still much higher than what you get on 4G networks.

In 5G field trials, where Jio has control over the conditions, the company achieved speeds of up to 1Gbps. However, users shouldn’t expect to see Gbps-class speeds in the Indian market as no telecom provider is planning to offer mmWave frequencies. It is the mmWave frequencies that deliver the Gbps-class speeds over short distances; on the other hand, sub-6GHz frequencies provide lower (~150Mbps) speeds but over a wider coverage area.

Jio will be rolling out 5G across the country in phases, with only a handful of cities getting the high-speed network. The company has announced it teamed up with WhatsApp to simplify the prepaid recharge experience for users. Airtel and Vi will also be rolling out their respective 5G networks in India in late 2022 and early 2023.

With inputs from Mukesh Singh

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