MIUI 13 Global version announced with Liquid Storage, Atomised Memory, and more: new features, eligible smartphones, and rollout schedule

  • Xiaomi has finally unveiled the MIUI 13 Global version.
  • The new OS brings features like Liquid storage, Atomised memory, smart sidebar, widgets, and more.
  • MIUI 13 will roll out from Q1 2022 for eligible smartphones.

At the Redmi Note 11 series launch event, Xiaomi also introduced the MIUI 13 Global skin that brings a bunch of new features, including Liquid Storage, Atomised Memory, Focussed Algorithm, Smart Balance, Sidebar, and the much-talked-about Widgets. However, there are a few MIUI 13 China features missing on the global build. The company says that it has designed MIUI 13 Global version to offer an enhanced user experience while also improving efficiency and personalisation. Let’s take a detailed look at the MIUI 13 features, eligible smartphones, and the rollout schedule.

MIUI 13 features

Liquid Storage

Liquid Storage

Liquid Storage is a new feature that at the system level manages the way files are stored on devices. Xiaomi says that due to rewriting data on devices, the read and write speeds reduce by up to 50 percent after 36 months, and this affects the app opening time. But with Liquid Storage, MIUI 13 helps devices retain up to 95 percent of the read and write speeds even after 36 months.

Focused Algorithms

MIUI 13 brings a new ‘focussed algorithm’ that dynamically allocates system resources based on usage. This is claimed to make the user experience more fluid and responsive. This prioritises the active app, which allows the CPU to focus on more important tasks at hand and offer faster speeds and better performance. 

Atomised Memory

Atomised memory

Atomised Memory is nothing but a RAM optimisation engine. It basically analyses the way apps use memory and closes the not-so-important tasks to ensure a smooth experience.

Smart Sidebar

MIUI 13 brings a new Sidebar, which is an efficient tool that will allow users to access important and favourite apps in floating window mode with just a swipe. Users will not have to leave their current app and users can load up to 10 apps in the sidebar.

Smart Balance

MIUI 13 can intelligently offer a smart balance between performance and power consumption automatically. Xiaomi says the smart balance in MIUI 13 can help users extend the battery life by up to 10 percent.


MIUI 13 widgets

Xiaomi is introducing all-new widgets with MIUI 13 global. These seem inspired by iOS widgets. It allows users to choose between 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 4×2, and 4×4 sizes for an array of system apps, including Weather, Security, Notes, Clock, and more.

MIUI 13 Global eligible phones, rollout schedule

MIUI 13 rollout schedule has been revealed by the company and a wide range of devices are eligible. The update will be available starting from Q1 2022. However, it hasn’t mentioned an India-specific timeline at the moment. We can expect the brand to talk about the MIUI 13 India version on February 9th when it launches the Redmi Note 11S.

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