OnePlus will continue using Oxygen OS despite announcing deeper integration with OPPO

  • OnePlus smartphones will continue using Oxygen OS globally.
  • The clarification comes after OnePlus announced deeper integration with OPPO.
  • OnePlus and OPPO will be sharing resources to bring better products and faster software updates. 

OnePlus is an OPPO subsidiary but the two brands had been operating independently and maintaining a separate brand image for many years now. Last year, however, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, took a new role at OPLUS, confirming that the two companies have always had a connection. Earlier this week, Lau announced that OnePlus will integrate with OPPO even further, something that has been silently going on for a few years now. According to him, OnePlus and OPPO will share resources to bring better products and faster software updates. But what does that mean for Oxygen OS? Will OnePlus discard Oxygen OS in favor of Color OS? or will the company merge Oxygen OS with Color OS? Well, here is what OnePlus CEO had to say about the future of Oxygen OS.

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OnePlus Oxygen OS is here to stay

MySmartPrice reached out to OnePlus asking about the future of Oxygen OS, since the company has announced a deeper integration with OPPO. As many of us were expecting, OnePlus replied saying that its smartphones will continue to run Oxygen OS out of the box even though it has planned to integrate with OPPO on a deeper level. While OnePlus and OPPO flagship smartphones might have a few similarities in terms of hardware, they do have totally different software customisations, which sets the OnePlus and OPPO devices apart from each other.


One of the main selling points of the OnePlus devices is the software experience that they offer with the Oxygen OS customisation. Oxygen OS is known for its optimisation and bloatware-free UI. If you remove that from the equation, not many people would be able to justify buying a OnePlus device. The brand seems to realise this fact and therefore, it has decided to continue with Oxygen OS. Hopefully, this holds in the future as well. On a related note, the upcoming OnePlus Nord 2 is said to be rebranded version of OPPO Reno 6. So, it looks like OnePlus and OPPO are wasting no time sharing their resources.