OPPO foldable phone with Moto Razr-like design in the works, may launch in June: report

The OPPO foldable phone will reportedly have a 7-inch display when unfolded.

  • OPPO is working on a foldable smartphone with clamshell design, claims a tipster
  • It is said to measure 2-inches when folded and feature a high refresh-rate display
  • OPPO could launch the foldable phone before June this year

Foldable smartphones are the next big thing in the mobile market. While major players such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Motorola have already entered the foldable smartphone segment, OPPO — one of the largest smartphone manufacturers — is yet to bring a foldable device. In March, a Chinese tipster claimed that OPPO is working on a foldable smartphone and that it might be launched somewhere between April and June. Well, today we have some more information regarding the topic. According to a new report from China, OPPO’s upcoming foldable smartphone will have a clamshell design. Let us have a look at the details.

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OPPO foldable clamshell phone leaked

Image courtesy: LetsGoDigital

According to a tipster on Weibo, OPPO is working on a foldable smartphone that will have a clamshell design, just like the Samsung Galaxy Flip and the Moto Razr. The tipster claims that the foldable smartphone from OPPO will measure around 2 inches when folded and around 7 inches when opened/ unfolded. Moreover, the tipster says that OPPO’s foldable smartphone will be targeted towards female users.

Interestingly, the leak claims that the foldable phone from OPPO will have a high refresh-rate foldable display with LTPO technology. Foldable smartphones with the clamshell design usually have small batteries and therefore the brands don’t equip these devices with high refresh rate displays which consume a high amount of power. This issue can be solved up to an extent by using an LTPO display that consumes significantly less amount of energy.


Earlier this year, a patent from OPPO revealed that the company is working on a clamshell phone with a rotating hinge. The size of the hinge was found to be wider than that of the phone, which suggested that it would allow the phone to rotate at different angles ranging from 30 degrees to 190 degrees. Unfortunately, that is all the information we have at the moment regarding OPPO’s allegedly upcoming foldable smartphone.